Giallo Unico


Step into a world where art meets functionality with this handcrafted table that embodies modern design and creativity. Crafted with high-quality plywood and finished with vibrant neon yellow epoxy resin, this table is a testament to innovation and style.

- Material: Premium plywood with a neon yellow epoxy resin finish
- Design: An abstract and modern interpretation with circular supports and ovular top
- Color: Neon yellow to make a bold statement in any space

Set against an industrial backdrop of textured black metal panels that play with light and shadows, this table stands out as a focal point in any room. The juxtaposition of the bright neon yellow against the dark background creates a captivating visual contrast that speaks volumes about artistry and craftsmanship.

Elevate your interior with this striking and unique handcrafted table that not only serves a functional purpose but also serves as a piece of contemporary art in your living space.